Industrial Metal detectors WATCH OUT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT


Metal Detectors are sensitive instruments that can be called upon to work most harshly in outdoor logging mills exposed to snow, ice and rain. The equipment undergoes extreme expansion and contraction which over time opens up joining surfaces, allowing possible ingress of water which in the case of Metal Detectors is a major threat to sensitivity.

Surprisingly the operating environment in a food processing factory can be just as harsh, for example in meat processing plants. Here below zero temperature operation is compounded by the need to wash down equipment from time to time with high pressure steam and water jets that hit the Detector head at pressures well over 5 bar seeking out any leaky routes to vulnerable parts.

It is essential when buying a Metal Detector to keep this in mind particularly if high pressure wash down is something it might have to withstand.

Things to look for :

  • All electronics and control circuits are enclosed inside a stainless steel cabinet that meets Internationally recognised leak proof standards such as IP67K
  • Conveyor belt bearings are sealed again to International standards such as IP67K
  • Drive roller and drive motor are integral units with the motor contained within and secured from the outside by sealed bearings.

Cassel design Metal Detectors for the very worst of environments outdoors and in plant. Most importantly the Sharknet facility now allows the operation of units to be checked quickly and remotely following wash down and after other similarly threatening environmental exposures.


The Cassel BD Shark 2 HPW Metal detector on a Conveyor

The Cassel BD Shark 2 HPW Metal detector on a Conveyor


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Altogether just one of the unique features of the Shark 2 Metal detector.

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