Checkweigher for Pharmacutical Applications

SCS UK Ltd High Speed High Accuracy Pharmaeutical Checkweigher
recently installed at a Leading Healthcare provider has shown what true accuracy a dynamic Checkweigher can do at a fraction of the cost of main stream manufacturers.
The Checkweigher is a WPM600 unit with air blast reject into a lockable bin with sensors fitted to ensure quick clean reject of the product. A sensor for Binfull is included and falls into a Failsafe mode should product not be rejected or the bin removed and bin is full.
Tablets are weighed at a maximum speed of 240 Packs per minute with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 gram.
On installation a 60 pack test was performed passing a 39.4gram bottle containing 60 tablets, on passing the same article 60 times gave a standard deviation of 0.046gram.
The Checkweigher has an unlimited number of pre-programed recipes and is quick clear and easy to use on its 10 inch touch screen display.
The software is windows XP embedded highly reliable platform which makes it easy to use with set-up in clear pages.
If you can use a PC you can use this machine with minimum training. Passwords can be set at different levels so only authorized users can access set-up data.
Data can be downloaded to a USB Drive and stored in PDf or CSV files, theses can then be transferred to a PC and recorded.
The unit can have a separate printer port for printing of Batch reports, it can be connected via Ethernet and programed remotely from a PC with up-load and download of Data.
The Checkweigher can manufactured to IQ & OQ documentation, MID certification is also available.
Warranty on this machine is for 2 years and service support is provided by our trained engineers here in the UK.
Service, parts and training are all provided by us in the UK and Ireland

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