Checkweigher for Industry


Our stand alone Checkweigher is suitable for small weights 10gram to 3000 gram with speeds upto 400 packs per minute and accuracy of +/- 0.5gram at an affordable price even for the smallest company.

The check is obtained through a double load cell system combined with the electronics for the data processing and management. Dynamic weighing of products easy to set-up windows embedded software so even untrained personal will have a basic knowledge.


Electronics mod.D3

-Touch Screen Weighing Data Display Colour Touch screen 800 x 600.

– Graphic display with alphanumeric keyboard and multifunction membrane keys

– Processing and managing software for statistical data

– Products classification in 5 weight classes or minimum weight.

– Automatic limitation of the defectives percentage for the batch acceptance

– Management of instant data, production results, batch results, samples results

– Graphic representation of weights distribution (Gauss diagram)

– Storage of 100 product types

– Electronic self-check

– System self-check

– Automatic system for continuous self-calibration

– “Mobile average” function to patch automatically the nominal weight

– Access covered by three levels of password

– Multi-language software


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