Calibration Solutions For Metal Detectors and Checkweighers

We carry out Calibration services and issue Calibration Certificates. 

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Over time, your check weighers, metal detectors, and other food manufacturing equipment can lose accuracy. That’s why regular calibration is vital, to maintain optimal productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

We carry out Calibration services and issue Calibration Certificates to ensure that your detection and inspection machinery is always working to the best standard. Our specially trained engineers are experienced in the maintenance and repair of check weighers, metal detectors, static scales, and combo units that are compliant with UK regulations and codes of practice, so you can be sure you are receiving the best possible service, whatever make or model of equipment you have. Regular calibration of your equipment should take place every six months to a year, to ensure consistent productivity and quality of the products made on your line. 


  • Fast, responsive service
  • Long-standing client accounts
  • Ensuring consistent accuracy and quality
  • Reduces costly risks


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Calibration Solutions

Based in Greater Manchester, SCS UK Ltd offer a bespoke calibration solution that can be tailored to static scales, check weighers, metal detectors and combo units. Our experienced engineers are qualified to issue legally compliant calibration certificates on any make of unit as part of a BRC Audit program. We use test weights that have a calibration certification from a Local Authority Weights and Measures Department.

During this audit, we will quickly identify any discrepancies or parts that are wearing out, with a free quotation for repair.

X-Ray Machines: We offer a regular Inspection Check and Validation, along with a Radiological Check for leakage radiation.

Magnets: We offer validation checks on industrial magnets used in a range of production processes, including food. This includes a full risk assessment, as well as a full report. Validation is vital for magnets, to prevent metal from entering the production line, and ensure accurate function at all times.  

Checkweighers: Our engineers are equipped to calibrate manual and automatic check weighers to ensure that classification, counts and weighing functions are accurate and properly adjusted. 

 Metal Detectors: During your detection equipment calibration, we will check that machine settings are in place, and adjust if needed. Regular maintenance ensures the effective functioning of your detection equipment, and the safety of your products.

What our clients say

Matthew Crosbey

I have bought 2 Metal Detectors and a Checkweigher from SCS and I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else. From the service to the quality of the products, I can’t fault them. 

They listen to my requirements each time and tailor the equipment to exactly what I want. 

Phil, Barbra, and the rest of the team are top class. 

Michael Burrows

“I selected SCS for the Checkweigher and Metal Detector contract due to the knowledge and expertise that Phil Ryder showed during our selection process The installation and commissioning were handled very smoothly and without issue.  We are able to fill each pot to the nominal required weight with ease. The reports that are generated after each production run are very user friendly and give the exact information that our records require. We were so impressed with this Combo Unit that we asked SCS to install a second Metal Detector on another of our production lines. I cannot express how happy we are with the service and equipment that we purchased from SCS, we will be using SCS for our future projects.”

Paul Hughes

We have been working with SCS now for a number of years and during this time they have continued to give us a great service.

They have an excellent understanding of the particular customer requirements experienced in our business and have tailored their equipment and service to meet these challenging demands.

I thank Phil and his team for the support they have given.

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