Inline Checkweigher


Checkweighing is a practice used across various industries, namely the food and pharmaceutical industry, they check the product weight, completeness alongside other applications. Chances are, if you have landed here, then you know a thing or two about checkweighers and have an idea about what your needs are.

SCS UK offers a wide variety of configurable checkweighers – from inexpensive entry models to premium high-end checkweighers. We provide customised solutions, suited to your individual needs and requirements. Our checkweigher product portfolio includes a wide range of checkweighers from inline checkweighers to combination checkweighers with integrated metal detection.

Integrated into your production line, checkweighers check the products in production. There are different types, this depends on where they are used; Inline checkweighers and end of line checkweighers and multi track checkweighers (high capacity). As well as the metal detection combination.







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A Few In Our Checkweigher Range:

Weigh Grader

A flexible and user-friendly grader, with a single software you can weigh portions based on end weight, quantity, or sort your products based on their individual weight.
The software is recipe-based, which allows our customers to store production settings to later access them with only a few button presses.


Teltek C80 Advanced Checkweigher

Our most advanced checkweigher. This high precision high speed checkweigher allows you to use up to four weighing systems controlled by mutual software.


Inline Metal Detector and Checkweigher Combo

This is our most advanced combination checkweigher & metal detector. This machine will take your product inspection to another level with its Cassel unique 3D detection for even the smallest metal particles.




Checkweighers: High Accuracy

What Do They Check Your Product For?


Completeness check

Products to be weighed can contain liquids, powders but also solid components, which can have an infinite number of different weight values. However, certain products contain a finite nominal number of components whose individual weights are more or less known.


The task of a dynamic checkweigher is to check products for completeness and to eject products from the production process with sufficient measurement reliability. 


Quality Control

A further task is purely quality control, where a deviation of the target weight indicates faulty production, e.g. the weight control, from the weight of which it can be seen whether there is something flagged like an air bubble that will require it to be discarded.



In the applications mentioned above, classification is also used, but only in the classification of good and bad, and certain weight values are therefore accepted or rejected. 


Optimization of the filling and dosing processes (trend controller)

Another task of a checkweigher can be the active control of a filling process. The so-called trend controller of a checkweigher has the task of influencing the filling, portioning or slicing machines upstream of the checkweigher by means of corresponding control signals in such a way that the weight value defined as the target weight is reached and kept as constant as possible. For this purpose, the weighing results are evaluated accordingly. As a result of the evaluation, a control signal (manipulated variable) is sent, which is used to adjust the filling unit. The control parameters entered determine the type of evaluation and the control characteristics. These must be adapted to the characteristics of the filling unit to be controlled. The parameter “target value” defines the desired target weight to be maintained.


Dynamic checkweighers (with or without integrated metal detectors) provide an enormous amount of important data about the actual performance (and thus efficiency) of production lines due to their complete recording of all measurement results. In order to be able to evaluate and assess this data more easily, SCS UK offers a variety of data interfaces and solutions to ensure your production line is running as smoothly as possible.