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by | Mar 22, 2021 | X-Ray

Cassel X-Ray  for Glass in Glass

Cassel has been making highly sensitive Metal Detectors for many years, they have proved themselves to be highly sensitive and reliable inspection systems for Metal.  Over the past few years, the Company have designed an X-Ray to complement its range. Being able to find not only smaller metal contaminants, but glass, stone & even some plastics.

Cassels XBD40 has shown itself to be a leader with its side on X-Ray it can see Glass in Glass at speeds up to 400 per minute.

The XRAY SHARK XS25-H1-GIG X-Ray Scanner /02

This can be used for applications such as bottles, jars, metal or tin cans.  It is ideal  for  the food, drinks and pharmaceutical industries  . The X-Ray Scanner Detects glass in glass and contaminations in metal tin cans, metal lidded jars or foil wrapped products.  The smallest particles can be detected within the production process.

There are numerous configurations for product processes small footprint with curtains or zig zag conveyors to feed jars.  Various reject systems can be used and conform to full BRC or Supermarkets specifications.

Safety comes first, Cassels X-ray are all certified to the highest standard.  The German TUV is well known throughout the world as the bench mark for all others.

Remote maintenance is standard on all the X-ray equipment so no expensive call outs for simple problems.  Should Service be required we have trained engineers here in the UK.

If you think price will be high then think again, Cassel have designed a modular system which makes it affordable.

Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly operation
  • Real time detection with colour contamination analysis
  • Masking functions
  • 24 hours non-stop operation
  • Reliable German safety standard – TÜV-approved
  • Ethernet and USB
  • Auto storing of inspection data, with time/date stamp
  • Built-in remote maintenance

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