Inline X-Ray Inspection 

In today’s society consumers are thinking more about the quality of the products they are buying from retailer’s shelves, especially when it comes to food. As a result of this, inline x-ray inspection has become extremely important in helping manufacturers follow food safety regulations and shop standards.

At SCS, we understand that brand recognition and customer satisfaction are extremely important in industries such as food packaging and pharmaceutical. We are the proud suppliers of Cassel x-ray inspection products in the UK, who are well know for their top quality German engineering.

How Does Inline X-Ray Inspection Work?

Packaged food products will travel through the x-ray machine on a conveyer belt.

The software within the machine will create a digital image of the products and will allow the reader to examine the presence of foreign objects within food or packaging.

The machine will also be able to detect product defects including too much or too little liquid or breakages in the seals or packaging.

What Can Inline X-Ray Inspection Detect?

X-ray inspection is a fast-growing method used by factories within the food industry. This allows companies to detect foreign objects in a wide range of food products. These objects include animal bone, glass, stone, and thick plastics.

Through these inspections, they also have the ability to detect metal contaminants within foil trays or metal coated packaging.

This process provides improved safety for consumers and brand protection for many companies.

Inline X-Ray Inspection Products

SCS supplies a range of x-ray inspection products that will help to protect your customers and ensure that your products meet trading standard requirements.