Introducing Teltek InControl

by | Mar 16, 2022 | General News, Marketing

Teltek InControl

Teltek’s InControl software allows customers to get an immediate overview of ongoing production. Data is stored to allow easy access to up to date statistics on previous runs. This can be sorted by date, product, production line, batch or machine.

InControl has four modules
• Real time data
• Historical data
• Article register
• Sample

This web based software can be accessed from your computer or mobile device.
The Dashboard allows customers to see the current status of all production lines with various filter options available.

Individual limits for acceptable levels can be set. For example, a minimum speed of x packs per minute can be set. If the speed drops below this, the screen will turn red to notify the user.

Keep an eye for further information on InControl coming soon.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us – full details available on Contact page.