Checkweigher – small or pharmaceutical products

Idecon Checkweigher

Suitable for small or pharmaceutical products.



Max weight 600gram

Max speed 300 packs/min

Accuracy ±0.1gram

Average weight or minimum weights

Conforms to Average weight EC

240Volts single phase

Units have Touch Screen displays with clear graphical information and a large weight display.

All Idecon Checkweighers are supplied and Serviced by us in the UK.  Reliability is the key factor. The units are made to withstand harsh treatment in the process and wash-down environment.

All Checkweighers are Average Weight or Min Wt. compatible with various types of recording devices available, Printers: Data Collection as USB or remote to a PC.  Recipes can be up-loaded and down-loaded via the PC if Data Collection is used.

Hire:  £850 per month

Purchase:  £12,500.






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