Label It 700

Labelit 729

Logotipo de RFID Ready

RFID Ready

Unsticking Plate

Application system by take-off plate and traction step by step up to 60m / min

Labelling specifications
•Production: 60 m/min.
•Minimum size (mm): 30×30
•Maximum size (mm): 180×300

S700 Overview
•Equipment for Print and Apply self-adhesive labels on the top or side of products.
•P&A in real time.
•Designed for the application of labels on moving surfaces through different application systems depending on the size of the labels and the product to be labeled.
•The traction of the labels is done by the labeling machine itself.
•Manual height adjustment by means of a steering wheel, which can be optionally motorized.
•The structure that supports the machine is built in protected steel, folded and welded that brings great weight and rigidity to the machine.
•Its great robustness and reliability make it ideal for demanding working conditions 24 hours a day.
•The electrical cabinet is supported on the structure of the machine by placing the PC panel in a desk accessible to operators.
•The control is carried out by means of a SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC.
•Moreover, it has a luminous and sound beacon of 3 colors that indicates the state of the machine, in correct operation, in stop or error.
•High work capacity
•24 hours / 7 day
•Optionally, bar code readers can be integrated in front of the suction plate that will verify that a label with a readable barcode has been placed.



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