Pharmaceutical Metal detector

Typically, the METAL SHARK® PH types are used at the outlet of a tablet press and provide the highest performance in detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

The tablets fall through the metal detector. With the reject flap the smallest metal objects are promptly separated out of the goods stream.. With a maintenance-free design and high quality construction, the METAL SHARK® PH performs reliably in the most challenging industrial environments.

Finance Options Available

Features & Benefits of Metal Detector PH

Outstanding Sensitivity and Stability: The METAL SHARK® PH provides outstanding sensitivity, accuracy, stability and precise compensation of electric conductivity of the product .

IQ, OQ, PQ, SQ Qualification Templates: Cassel supplies the required qualification templates along with the METAL SHARK® PH metal detector (SQ is optional).

Performance validation: This automatically prompts the operator to test the performance of the Metal Shark at pre-set intervals.

Infeed and Reject System: Chutes, moulded, for both infeed and reject, throughput max. 5000 tablets per minute. Solenoid driven stainless steel reject diverter mechanism, mirror polished, variable infeed / outfeed height quick demount design for easy cleaning.

Support Stand: Stainless steel support stand, mirror polished, mobile through castors and fixed feet, height adjustable.

No Maintenance: The automatic balance and calibration control ensures many years of reliable performance. The requirement for costly routine manufacturer actions is eliminated. Once set, the METAL SHARK® does not require any manufacturer adjustment at all, thereby helping you save your service budget.


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