Pipeline Metal detector for Meat Pumps

Pipeline device for sausage stuffer pumps

Compact metal detector for sausage pumps and stuffer machines. Mobile base frame, stand with integrated gas spring for easy height adjustment 850 – 1200 mm (33.5 – 47.2″), for installation between stuffer and clip machine. Includes connection cable with external device plug and socket. Please advise on type of stuffer machine upon ordering the metal detector.

Finance Options Available


Available types for

  • Handtmann
  • Vemag
  • Rex
  • Risco
  • Velati
  • K&G
  • Frey
  • Karl Schnell
  • Others on request

Special type INA MEAT available for installation with linking gear box and twisting device, for Handtmann.

Available digital controllers: METAL SHARK® 1,  METAL SHARK® 2A

Features & Benefits of Metal Detector IN MEAT

Production Line Integration

Sturdy frame: the hygienic design is easy to clean. All rods are completely welded on all sides. Due to an integrated gas spring, height adjustment is easy to handle for one operator. Four castors make it comfortable to move the metal detector.

Plug in & ready to go: the external device cables are plugged in between the filling and the clipping machine. Pipe connections and link cables are provided compatible with the stuffer type.

HACCP and IFS Compliance

Easy cleaning: due to the hygienic design, Metal Detector IN MEAT type can be easily disassembled for daily rinsing with water or steam hose cleaning. The construction proves its worth in sausage productions with several wash-ups a day. The optional Ex-PWC reject will not impede product flow. The reject piston can be easily removed for daily water hose cleaning. Other reject systems are available.

An opening for test rods: allows the affirmation of the correct operation of the metal detector within seconds without suspending the ongoing production.

Ready for SHARKNET® software: SHARKNET® enables automatic data storage onto a Windows-based PC to fulfill HACCP and IFS standards.


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