Shark 1 BD Head for Conveyors

Cassel′s METAL SHARK® BD Metal Detectors, typically integrated onto conveyor belts, readily adjust settings to ensure extreme equipment sensitivity, stability and reliability. A variety of reject mechanisms (pusher, belt stop and alarm, etc.) are available to alert operators of a “find” or to divert contaminated product. The conveyor belt, framing and controls are available in sanitary design for food grade process applications. Cassel Metal Detectors can be easily adjusted to accommodate multi-system processing and environmental product effect changes.

Finance Options Available


The METAL SHARK® BD is generally used for:
◾Frozen products
◾Bread, cakes and other pastries
◾Meat and meat products
◾Ready-to-serve meals
◾Raw material checks

The METAL SHARK® BD is enclosed in a 100% stainless steel housing and is specifically designed for use in the food industry.


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