Shark 2 Controller

The METAL SHARK®-2 controller sets a new industry benchmark for performance, user-friendliness and ease of documentation.Improved performance results from Cassel′s exclusive Four-Quadrant technology, which allows for a 360 degree freestyle teach area around the product effect, significantly increasing sensitivity.

METAL SHARK® BD (for Conveyor)

Cassel′s METAL SHARK® BD Metal Detectors, typically integrated onto conveyor belts, readily adjust settings to ensure extreme equipment sensitivity, stability and reliability. A variety of reject mechanisms (pusher, belt stop and alarm, etc.) are available to alert operators of a "find" or to divert contaminated product.


Standard conveyor system for wet environments. Exceptionally easy to clean. Available in two belt widths 250 and 350 mm, each width with BD sensor pass heights 125 / 150 / 175 / 200 / 225 mm. Easy cleaning, hygenic design: Open stainless frame without dirt traps. Waterproof stainless drum motor. Fully encapsulated sensor head.


Cassel is proud to design and manufacture its series of HQ conveyors. Engineered to satisfy the special requirements of Metal Detector applications, HQ conveyors ideally compliment Cassel METAL SHARK® Metal Detectors.

Metal Shark-1 Controller

The METAL SHARK®-1 controller provides outstanding sensitivity, accuracy and stability, plus precise compensation for product effect. Automatic balance and calibration control ensures many years of reliable performance.