Validation of Metal Detectors For External Auditors

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Marketing, Validation

SCS UK Ltd offer a Validation Service on all the products we supply either on a yearly basis or a six monthly service contract.

It is becoming increasingly important for companies using Metal Detection Equipment to prove to an external auditor that the correct sensitivity for the products that pass through the metal detector is being used.

Generally the customer’s own Quality Department would have a factory specification for the test piece size for each product that is inspected.

But who told them that this was the correct specification?

Sometimes it was what they have always used, so no-one has thought to see if a modern Metal Detector with Multi-frequency can achieve a better result.

With BRC Auditors becoming increasingly aware of the fact that a modern Metal Detector can achieve these better sensitivities, they are asking companies to show some sort of documentary evidence that the specification for the test size pieces are the best that can be achieved.

This year SCS UK Ltd have been asked on a few occasions to validate the Metal detector and issue a report to show what test piece size is suitable without false rejects.

Don’t get caught out by the auditors have a Validation test done we are here to help!  Contact us today for more information.