April 25, 2018


Performance Verification throughout the UK

Check weighing. We provide a regular calibration service to ensure that your machines are delivering product that meets statutory requirements, customer compliance standards and internal quality standards.

We issue and store performance certificates.

Inspection equipment. We provide a verification service to ensure that the sensitivity of your inspection equipment is operating to its original specification.


There is a trend amongst super markets to require the staff of their suppliers be trained in metal detection technology.

SCS provides short onsite accredited training courses that meet supermarket requirements.

Systems Review

Supermarkets and statutory requirements are ever changing.

We will review your installations to ensure that they are up to date in this respect so that you are not confronted with inspection and weight compliance issues.

Reviews are free with no commitments.

Refurbishment and maintenance

We can take your existing plant and reconfigure it using the latest equipment to meet the latest standards saving considerable expense whilst greatly enhancing performance.


SCS holds a bank of metal detectors, checkweighers and combination units.

These are available at short notice for hire long or short term.

Systems Design

We design integrated inspection, checkweighing, Xray and packaging systems to meet specific requirements.

Software at SCS

SCS provides a comprehensive range of software packages supported by commissioning and up to date services.

The Shark Net package monitors checkweigher throughput accumulating and recording weight data and profiles raising alerts on detection of out of specification spreads.

It continuously checks the performance of inspection equipment validating it against compliance specifications. The ICCS package in addition to monitoring the performance and outputs of individual pieces of equipment provides an overall, detailed record and analysis of overall systems performance and operational efficiency.