Quick Fix For Customer

by | Mar 7, 2022 | General News, Marketing, X-Ray

Recently a valued customer encountered a problem with their X-Ray machine. After consulting with our engineers, the best solution for our customer was for Cassel to resolve the issue directly. Thanks to modern technology, the team in Germany were able to remotely access the X-Ray machine and resolve the issue within 20 minutes. All our Cassel products can be remotely accessed, allowing the German engineers quick and easy access to identify and solve any issues. Minimising down time for machines is a huge benefit for many customers and allows them to continue an efficient production line.

Both the Cassel X-Ray and Teltek checkweigher can be remotely accessed by the manufacturer via the internet with no need for an interface.

If you have any issues with your inspection equipment, please contact Ian on 079 3487 9046 and we will do our best to ensure a speedy resolution.