Industrial Metal Detection Systems

UK suppliers of X-ray and Inline metal detection systems for industrial use

Our range of top-quality metal detection and check weighing systems are trusted by the pharmaceutical and food production industry all over the UK. The safety of your consumable products should be your highest priority. Based in Greater Manchester, SCS is committed to supplying and maintaining industrial metal detection equipment that is made to last, including brands such as Cassel and Shark. Our powerful machines are versatile, letting you choose a combination of functions that meets your food or pharmaceutical production requirements, whether you are processing liquids, grains, powders, or granules. Your new metal detection equipment is designed to fit in with your existing equipment, maximising your manufacturing space.

Inline Metal Detectors

Our range of inline metal detection systems is ideal for many pharmaceutical and food production applications. With the ability to detect even the smallest particles of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in products that are packaged and non-packaged, our inline metal detectors have adjustable settings for speed and output. Efficient and easy to operate and maintain, our industrial detection equipment is compliant with all UK food safety regulations, making them the best investment for your pharmaceutical or food business. 

X-Ray Metal Detectors

Our X-ray metal detection systems are the most powerful in our industrial range. They can microscopic particles of metal, including stainless steel, the hardest metal to detect. This option is ideal for pharmaceutical products that are packaged in metallic foil.

Combination Metal Detection and Checkweigher Systems

Made at our location in Greater Manchester, our Cassel combination check weigher and metal detection system boasts a range of features that allow for higher accuracy and precision, ideal for the most complex products in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry.