X-Ray Bulk Flow G32

The XRAY BULK FLOW is an X-ray device with an integrated conveyor belt, which can be integrated in an existing production line. It analyses X-ray patterns automatically. The linear X-ray camera is of the highest industry standard in speed and sensitivity. It sends X-ray data of packaged, unpackaged or bulk products to the computer, which then analyses the images automatically. It classifies and sorts out faulty products.

The products flow continuously down the conveyor. The system scans nonstop and captures the X-ray images. These images are then analyzed and if contamination is detected the reject signal is transferred to the output. It is possible to have a series of rejects for a bulk flow system – for example you can have a drop-flap reject mechanism with 4 or 8 reject flaps.

Finance Options Available

Features & Benefits of XRAY Bulk Flow

Detectable Contaminants: The size of the detectable contaminants depends on the consistency, density, thickness and structure of the product. Therefore, Cassel can only estimate sizes of detectable contaminants depending on each application and according to experiences with our customers. In addition, Cassel can test your particular product to make sure that the requested sensitivity levels will be reached.

Very Good Price-performance Ratio: The XRAY BULK FLOW is built with high quality components. This ensures many years of hassle-free operation. Cassel X-ray inspection systems are engineered and manufactured in Germany. The result is long-term reliability and endurance.

Superb inspection sensitivity: The Cassel XRAY SHARK includes a wide variety of sophisticated inspection features. First-rate detection results are achieved even with complex products.

High Throughput: Thanks to the fast scan rate of the X-ray device, a large number of products can be scanned in a short period of time,, which guarantees the best detection sensitivity even during busy production times.

Easy Cleaning: The X-ray device has a stainless steel frame and the conveyor belt has a quick release, which allows the user to easily clean the device in minimum time.

100% Safety: Cassel takes great pride in the safety of our X-ray devices. A Cassel XRAY SHARK ensures foreign body inspection with total safety for the health of your operational staff. The XRAY SHARK has a PILZ safety circuit. Magnetic safety switches at cabinet doors and tunnel hatches ensure that radiation immediately is switched off when a door is opened. The PILZ provides full and independent safety, even if the built-in computer fails. Cassel evaluates every X-ray device considering the highest safety standards. Maximum radiation leakage of1 µSv/h or less @ 10cm outside cabinet surfaces is approved by German TÜV.


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